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The Products - Needed By All Customers

My philosophy is to give customers what they really need to succeed. Have you ever bought something from another Internet Marketer and realized after your purchase that you didn't even need (or want!) what you just purchased, it was all just a big scam?

Most people remember not only the person that scammed them, they also remember who referred them to make the purchase - and they never buy from them again.

By recommending products you know your contacts want and need you will build a strong relationship with your contacts, who will grow to trust your recommendations and give you commissions for years to come.

The Commissions - Real Residual Income

A lot of Affiliate programs pay only for the first purchase, after that any purchases from those customers you sent - you don't get paid on.

I don't believe in that payment strategy. The way I see it, you've sent someone to my site that I otherwise wouldn't have ever met. Any current or future sales that follow are a result of your "introduction", and I'm more than happy to split all purchases with you.

I use a 6-month cookie that "tags" any visitor you send to the site. Even if they don't purchase today, you'll get the commission when they do purchase over the next six months.

In addition, if the customer you send signs up for a continuity product (product with a monthly charge), you'll be paid commissions on every monthly renewal for the lifetime of that customer.

You can see that over time each person you send to the site will only grow your future income.


Every product and service sold on this site pays a 40% commission unless otherwise noted in the affiliate area.

Two Tiers

All the affiliates that sign up via your request will receive a 40% commission on sales made to customers they refer, and you will be paid 10% on all of those sales as well.

Everyone who makes a purchase is automatically generated an affiliate account that matches the account they purchased under. That gives them a strong incentive to go ahead and promote products, which when sold results in a 10% commission for you!

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