Facebook Me While You Can

My Facebook Account

A lot of people have been looking for me on Facebook. Over the past couple weeks my account has really grown.

The reasons for the growth? My Facebook friends get first notification when I publish a new article. They also subscribe to my Unreal Web Traffic twitter account to keep up with my latest articles.

So why do I say "Facebook me while you can"? As you may know facebook has a limit of only 5,000 friends for any given account. That means only the first 5,000 people that connect with me on facebook will be able to be my friends and in the "inner" circle. The rest, well, there's nothing I can do about it...

So quick, click the facebook link above to go to my facebook profile and request to be added to my friend list. After I accept, post to my wall and tell everyone what project you're working on - that's right, advertise yourself right on my Facebook wall. All my friends will see your post, it's a good way to introduce yourself to my friends as well as get a little free visability.

Hurry before I'm all out of friend slots!

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