Posting Guidelines

This section is for 99% of all of you visiting the site:

Your comments, questions, posts, interaction, etc ARE ALL VERY WELCOME! Please post all over the place. This site is here to help you learn how to get Unreal Web Traffic sent to your website.

This section is for the 1% that doesn't know how to play nice:

  1. Don't advertise. This isn't a site for you to post the "next great opportunity that everyone has to get into" - save that for your own marketing venues, a.k.a. your site. When you post here, use your email address with your identity, no more. Don't have your own site? Use the contact tab and I'll hook you up.

    If you're asking a question and need to reference your product/service, here is the right and the wrong way:

    Right: I sell pocket racers and have a site with a gazilion pages and a list of emails a mile long. I'm looking for ways to increase my search engine traffic....

    Wrong: I sell pocket racers on this site and....

    Here's the key - if people are really interested in your product/service they'll have your email and can contact you. In the mean time you didn't blind all the readers with your flashy new URL. No kidding, it's a distraction (and irritation) when people are "posing" questions just so they can get their site out there. This isn't the place for that.

  2. Don't use profanity. Don't use *** to blank out letters that still stand for profanity. Don't use acronyms that when expanded contain profanity - even if you can think of 50 "clean" words that go in place of the profanity.
  3. Don't post anything illegal, pornographic, etc.

If you post content that breaks any of these rules, don't be surprised if you're banned from the site.

OK, 'nuff said, get back to the page you came from and start up a dialog!

2 Responses to “Posting Guidelines”

  1. hi there! I am new to the board and just wanted to introduce myself :)

  2. Hi

    I’m new here also …

    So here I am…My name is Malcolm t Mckinnell..
    I hail from the U.K. Lancashire.

    Would like to say thanks to the admin for setting out the Posting Guidelines is such a clear and concise manner.

    They can’t be misunderstood :-)

    Thanks again.