Revolutionize Your Traffic With This Amazing Tool

This tool is going to turn marketing on it’s head. How would you like to get all your friends on all the social networks to advertise for you? Stupid question, right? But it’s true. That’s right – your friends will advertise for you.┬áThis tool will make your website a social networking magnet. And you can […]

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How To Install A New Plugin

Here are the step-by-step instructions to installing a plugin, these actions are virtually the same for all plugins, so instead of posting these same instructions over and over for every plugin I decided to consolidate it here.

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Installing Google Analytics

You’ll need to install Google Analytics to track where your visitors come from, where they go on your site, and even where they go when they are leaving your site.

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WordPress Setup

Here are the step-by-step instructions you’ll need to follow to setup your wordpress site. This is assuming you’ve already purchased your domain name and have your site setup with a host.

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