My "real" name is Richard Pickett.

I've been in IT for over 22 years. As time has passed by I've seen many different methods on promoting products, and with the rise of the Internet I've seen even more.

A lot of them promise you 6-figure incomes (sometimes per month), and for the most part I've ignored them.

As an "insider" I worked with corporate teams in marketing companies (i.e. MLMs) where I programmed their compensation systems (yes, I was the guy all field loved - I got them paid).

Over the years I picked up a lot of marketing methods and myths. I'm surprised at how much the corporate team would go around spouting off basic marketing principles and never use them in their own company!

Along the way I connected with a handful of the top-level marketers who really knew what they were doing. A lot of them were "old-school" (i.e. not Internet savvy), as you can imagine. Through our friendships I'd give them the knowledge I had on Internet marketing and help them grow. I could spend a little time right now and do some name-dropping, but I'm sure if you participate on my site and watch who posts here you'll start to pick up on who I affiliate with.

What's great about all of this is I want to pass this insider knowledge along to you. I'd love to help you grow your online presence and become a success.

So, connect with me on facebook, or subscribe to my twitter account (both are to the right) so you can be kept up-to-date with the methods that work and how to do them.

Then start exploring the articles and find out what you've been missing!

And of course, feel free to use my contact page to send me your questions and ideas - I'd love to hear from you!

- Unreal

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