Update And My Apologies


First, I want to say a big "thank you" to everyone who has joined with me to learn more about marketing online. I'd like to give you a little update on what's going on and tell you something that will help your online business that the big marketers don't want you to know. It's 11PM here right now and I'm getting up @ 3:30AM to drive (8hr) the fam to Chicago for a huge picnic and spend the weekend up there with some great friends of ours (In the Chicago area and want to connect? Email me, I'd love it!). So I'm trying to get this email out to you so I can go crash for a couple hours of much-needed sleep.

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The Old Market Mindset (and why it doesn’t work)

Are you tired of trying different marketing methods that don't work? Do you feel like you spend a lot of time and effort working and working just to end up right back where you started? In this article we examine a number of old-school marketing "tricks" that no longer work and should be retired along with all the old-school companies that keep trying to push them off on us.

If you feel like everything you've done has failed - Trust me, there's nothing wrong with you - it's the marketing rules that the old-school companies have been telling you "if you do it like this you'll succeed"

Old-school marketing doesn't work any more in today's marketplace. Take a look around. Companies are changing drastically all around us. Video stores that used to be lined with racks and racks of VHS tapes faded out - all the mom-n-pop video stores got replaced by Blockbuster and Hollywood Video. And now those big video guys are all drying up as places like Netflix take over the market.

And you can already see the end of Netflix coming. Not only do we have on-demand cable and satellite now, but soon we'll have on-demand Internet viewing. The TV will be replaced with (or used as) a large computer monitor. And all your shows will be viewed right over the Internet. And if big companies like Netflix don't keep up with the changing times, they'll soon be going out of business just like the big-boy video companies they are putting out of business today.

You can look all around and see the entire landscape changing very quickly. Just 15 years ago, right before I got married, my phone bill to my soon-to-be wife was $400 every month because she lived in a town 20 miles away and the phone company didn't yet have "area calling" at the time. Today you can video chat with a friend on the other side of the world - all for free. Phone services are no longer restricted to copper wires ran to your house, now many people receive telephone service either through VOIP or cell. We don't even have a conventional phone in our house - even though we wired it for one just 8 years ago when we built it!

"WAIT!" I can hear you yell at me - "What does this have to do with marketing and getting traffic to my site?"

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