Where Do I Start?

This is one of the most common questions I'm getting from my members and marketing friends. So many new people are just starting Internet Marketing - you know there's money to be made on the Internet, you just don't know exactly how to do it.

A lot of you have found a product that is online and you're trying to promote it, but no matter how hard you try you feel like you just can't get it going like you want to. And eventually you get the feeling that you're just missing some little key piece of information and you want to know what it is.

Or maybe you're looking around, haven't actually started anything yet (or maybe just found a product or opportunity but haven't started promoting it yet) - you're still wading through all the gazillion ways to promote your product.

So here's a list for new people as well as veterans of topics (I'll try to keep them in order from beginner to advanced) and a little description of each. As I write the articles for each of these topics I'll come back to this page and put in the link, so you can use this as a "master list" of what you'll need to learn in order to be successful in online marketing.

Don't let this list overwhelm you - let it be a map, a guide to help you categorize what you learn and navigate your way through the "mystery" of Internet Marketing to success. Internet Marketing can seem like it is a big mystery, but when we write things down and categorize them you'll see that it all boils down to a handful of basic things.

(Don't forget, as always, as you read this article and you have questions or want more info - write it down and then send me a message or comment at the bottom - thanks!)

  1. Mindset. This is a "continuing education" area. I'm constantly learning new things and I'm a big advocate for learning how to learn. I wasn't born an Internet Marketer, I'm a programmer by nature. I love to write code. So I'm constantly learning from other marketers, reading books, listening to marketing MP3s, etc. Learning how to think like a marketer will be the foundational key to your success. I'll always write "mindset" articles to help you understand how to think like a marketer - I can tell you from my own experience, it's a never-ending process!
  2. Website. You'll need to get your own website for several reasons. This is part of the mindset you have to have. The first reason is you can't rely on the company product pages or "marketing machine" to make a sale for you. I have a lot to say on this topic, look for the article to come soon. Another reason you need your own website is (believe it or not) companies go out of business every day. I asked a buddy of mine who has been making money in marketing all his life how many companies he's been involved with. He said about 50. I asked how many were still in business today - less than 5. If you send your prospects to the company website, when the company fails you'll be looking for a whole new set of prospects. I've helped many friends get their websites up and running, let me know how I can help you with yours.
  3. Attraction Marketing. Attraction marketing is where you educate people first before you hit them up with your sales pitch. Really, your sales pitch is a series of educational and informational messages without mentioning the product at all. Are you sick of chasing people down to try to get a sale? Would you rather have leads calling you and "chasing" you down to hear about your product or opportunity? I know at first it may sound impossible, but trust me, it works and it works in a big way. You don't have to keep trying to find the next prospect. I'll help teach you attraction marketing so your prospects will be hunting you down.
  4. How To Pick a Product. Ask anyone selling something if they think the product is "the product" and almost everyone will say an enthusiastic "Yes!" So the question is, why isn't it working for them? There are a number of factors that go into making a product successful, and more importantly, successful for you. Case in point, I've been in a number of MLMs that just didn't work out for me. Other people were having great success, but I couldn't make it work, the product was wrong for "me" - I just couldn't put my whole heart into selling the product because I didn't have my own personal story of how that product worked a miracle in my life. Another aspect of picking the product is picking one that is a "continuity product". In other words, something that is billed every month. Like a membership, or a good that is consumed. If your product is a one-time-buy, you're always trying to find new people to buy this month so you can eat. If your product has continuity, once you "sell" someone on the product you'll make a return on your "sale" every month. I can help you evaluate products and find ones that work for you and that will be good for building an online business with.
  5. You Need More Than One Product. This goes back to the idea that companies fail. If you sink all your people into one company, once that company goes under you've lost everyone. You have to find a whole new product and start all over again looking for prospects. By having your own website and selling people on you first, you're able to teach them that the company or product is just the vehicle you're using to get to financial success, and that you want to make sure you have several vehicles to ride in. Then they aren't surprised when a company or product doesn't work out, they "roll with the punches" and stick with you as you continue to build your financial empire. You look smarter in their eyes because you didn't just "sell your soul" to one company. Instead you're using products as tools to help you gain the financial independence you want.
  6. Traffic. In order for your website to even be marginally successful you'll have to get traffic to it. This will be the "holy grail" of all your efforts. We will spend a lot of time looking at many different strategies that you can use to help drive traffic to your website. I have a lot of very successful strategies to teach, if you just use one or two of them your website will be a success.
  7. Social Networks. A lot of great traffic can be generated using Facebook and Twitter. I'll explain why these two are "better" than others and show you great ways to integrate your website directly with the social networks. People flock to the social networks and "live" there (for better or worse), by getting your content out to them you'll draw those who are interested in your product to your site. I have a number of tools that tie your site directly into the social networks to bring a flood of traffic to your site.
  8. List Building. You'll need a list of prospects who are interested in the products or services you offer. By maintaining a list you'll always have a warm market to offer your products and services to. It's not too hard to build a list - you get it right out of your traffic. The larger your list, the larger your income - trust me on that! There are a multitude of ways I can help you build your list and keep in constant communication with them.
  9. Content. You'll need to have content related to your products and services on your website - that will draw search engine traffic and keep people on your site who are interested in your product. The longer they stay the more time you have to "sell" to them. Your list will also need content - this is what keeps them coming back to your site, you email out content your list is interested in and also let the know of the latest content you've added to your site. If you aren't good at writing your own content (hey, some of us just aren't writers!), NO PROBLEM, I have some resources we can use to cheaply supply you with awesome content!
  10. Viral Marketing. Viral marketing is where you get others to promote your business for you in a big way. If you can get your site to go viral it will explode beyond your wildest imagination. I have several viral marketing tools you can use for your own site, and some ideas on some I haven't used yet. I'd love to help your site go viral - it's exciting to watch!
  11. A Couple Secrets I Haven't Disclosed Yet. I've worked on the inside of MLMs - in their corporate operations. I programmed the payment systems that calculate commissions. This gave me a lot of "insider" knowledge on how MLMs work and marketing in particular. I'm surprised at how many well-known facts the corporate guys can spout off about marketing and yet none of them actually use them to help their businenss!

    I'll pass these secrets on directly to you, secrets that will help set you apart from all the other marketers that are selling the same services or products as you.

    In addition to the marketing savvy I've picked up by working on the inside of marketing companies, I've also developed my own methods and tools that those guys never knew - things that quickly set me apart from them. I look forward to dispelling the myths of marketing and letting you in on the secrets I've learned along the way.

I'd like to hear your experiences in these areas, or if you need help on these subjects - let me know! I'd love to write articles directly for what you need. Use the comment form below to let me know. Thanks!

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