Master Plan, Session 3

This is the third day of the Master Plan series, where we build a comprehensive plan from start to finish to be a successful Internet marketer with complete financial freedom.

In this ebook you'll find a link to a special offer only available to those who are members of the site or on my email list. Download it and save over 97% on this special offer!

Here is the Table of contents for this session:

1. Special Offer For Members Only 5
2. Your Website 6
   Branding 6
   Colors 6
   Font 7
   Choosing Your Domain Name 8
   Use The Email Address On Your Domain 6
3. WordPress 15
   It's Easily Worth $5,000 - $10,000 15
   It's Easy For Even Absolute Beginners 15
   It Has Plugins For Everything You Can Think Of 15
   It Does SEO “Out Of The Box” 16
   It Does Membership Management 16
   It Does Social Media Integration 16
   It Automatically Rejects Spam Comments 16
   It Keeps Your Affiliate Links Safe 16
   User Management: Start With Just You And Grow Your Team 17
   It's WYSIWYG 18
   Easily Add Images and Videos 18
   Directly Edit HTML If You Want To 18
   Thousands Of Themes To Chose From 18
4. Your Special Offer 20


Use the download links to the right to download the ebook from this session for your note-taking and the mp3 if you'd like listen to this session. I highly recommend you print the ebook and write your notes in it even if you use the mp3.

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  1. Richard this stuff is assume thank you for letting us get ithelping me get started the right way.