Master Plan, Session 7

This is the seventh day of the Master Plan series, where we build a comprehensive plan from start to finish to be a successful Internet marketer with complete financial freedom.

On Day 7 we talk about what it takes to get ready to JV. I list the many things you have to get ready before you begin seeking JV partners. Don't start your JVs without going through this list and getting ready!


Use the download links to the right to download the ebook from this session for your note-taking and the mp3 if you'd like listen to this session. I highly recommend you print the ebook and write your notes in it even if you use the mp3.

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3 Responses to “Master Plan, Session 7”

  1. The JV Session was a good listen. I learned quite a bit!

  2. Richard,

    Thank you for fixing the downloads. I don’t know why I had trouble, but in any case, I now have the 7 ebooks so I can study them. Thank you.


  3. Anything for your Cheryl!

    Sorry you had problems!