I'm frequently asked about doing consulting work for other Internet marketers, how much it costs, and whether or not I can work a miracle for their product/site/brand/whatever. If you fall into this category, read this page before contacting me.

I thrive on personal relationships. I know, I know, that's not something you really see in Internet marketing. Most marketers are just looking at you like you're their next meal, and once they've ate they aren't interested in helping you any more.

I'm in it for the long haul. I've learned that long-term relationships pay more than short-term ones. Here's why - I could do a one-time "hit-n-run" service, and even do a good job, but over a long term you may realize that what I did isn't what it was all cracked up to be. But too late - I've already got my money and split.

But if I provide a constant service, then each and every month I have to prove my worth to you or you'll walk off. And, the longer I can keep my clients happy, the longer they'll have me fresh on their mind to recommend me and my services to their friends. BTW, that's the first secret I'll give you to long-term Internet marketing. It's relationships. Anyone can throw up a website and pay Google to send traffic over and get a lot of one-time sales. Then the next promotion they have, they have to buy that traffic all over again. But all successful marketers know that if they establish solid relationships with their clients they won't have to pay for traffic anymore - their happy clients will keep coming back for more. Long term relationships always pay more.

I'm in pretty high demand, I usually get 5 hours or less of sleep each night, I feel like sometimes I work around the clock. Besides Internet marketing I'm working on security projects (my own products and services), I do work for the National Guard (no, I'm not in the Guard - my service injury from the Marines keeps me from being in any branch, I have a permanent disability). On top of that add my family, church, the kids we're adopting in Haiti, the list goes on and on. Because of my high demand I'm pretty picky about who I work for and what type of work I do, more on that in a minute.

You'll find I'm pretty up-front because I don't have time to play around with people or projects that aren't going anywhere. At first you might be a little turned-off because I'm straight-up, but my long term customers appreciate it. I'm an expert in my field. If my client is paying me for my services why wouldn't I give them the full benefit of my expertise? I don't want clients that make mistakes and end up not being successful. Clients that aren't successful end up being bad references, and that reflects on me.

So let me be up-front and let you know some project types I absolutely won't work on or be related to:

  • Anything illegal (you wouldn't think I'd have to put this one in the list...). I served for over 5 years in the Marines, since then I have worked in Internet Security for companies with hundreds of thousands of employees and tens of thousands of servers world-wide, I've worked on government contracts like my current work for the National Guard, add to that my Christian upbringing and morals and I have no desire to be involved in anything that is illegal.
  • Anything that is vulgar or pornographic.
  • Anything hateful or hate-oriented.
  • Anything that is threatening.
  • Anything related to common vices of society (like drinking, smoking, etc).

One other thing I really like about my clientel relationships is personal referal. How did you come across my site? Were you refered by someone else? If "yes", let me know who's sending you my way - it will help me connect with you and where you're at in your Internet marketing development.

One last thing about my consulting. You'll notice I don't have a price list anywhere on the site. My services aren't about prices, it's about the long-term relationship.

So, if you're interested in a long term relationship on your Internet marketing project, please, contact me.

P.S. - mention that you read this page so I don't have to guess if you did or not ;-D

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