Using Your Email Address

This may seem a little basic, but here are some tips on how to use your email address correctly (and why)

  1. Always use the email address of your domain. For example, you won't ever catch me telling anyone my gmail, yahoo, msn, etc email address. Why? When you read this email address:, what peices of information can you pick out? Here's my list:
    • I have a website. If I told you my address was or even, you wouldn't know I had a website. If you forwarded an email that I sent you to someone else they also wouldn't know I had a website. But if you see my email address is, you'd immediately know I have a website and would be interested in going to check it out - and so would everyone you give my email address to. It's free advertising. If you want unreal web traffic, you need to do everything possible to get your website name in front of as many people as you can. When you give someone an email address of, who's business are you promoting?
    • I'm a serious professional. Using some other domain name for your email address is like a business man who has setup a store in town but uses his neighbors phone. When asked he says "Oh yeah, I know having a telephone is important, that's why I'm going to give you the number to the business next door. When you call him he'll yell for me through the window and I'll come over and talk to you." If having a phone was so important he should get his own. If having an email address is so important, you should get your own and not depend on google or yahoo to yell for you whenever you get email. What level of confidence do you have in a "business professional" that he really knows what he's doing if when he gives you his email it's not even based off of his own website? You get the impression he's working out of his basement and is trying to just piece his business together with every cheap or free piece of bubble gum and bandaids he can find.
  2. Whenever you write or type your email address capitalize the first letter of every word in the domain name for readability. Which is easier to



    I've seen some domain names where if they didn't use capitals there'd be no way of knowing which way the domain name was. For example: Is that or In my time I've seen some real doozies. Your domain name is your brand. If people are left to guess about what your domain name really is, you're leaving them to guess about your brand.

  3. Don't try to put something "cute" in your name on your email address: CuteNCuddly@Whereever. You might be "Cute 'n Cuddly", but not to the people that see your email address. A complete stranger sees that email address and thinks you're a flirt, not someone who is a serious professional.
  4. Use either a single word or two words for the name-part of your email address. When typing or writing the name of your email address follow the same rules of punctuation unless it's a single word (then use upper or lower at your discretion), or it's a single word and it's your first initial and last name (i.e. rpickett), because that one is pretty obvious.
  5. Finally, don't ever type your email in all caps ITLOOKSLIKEYOUARESHOUTING@ME.COM. Not only is it annoying to the reader, it breaks the readability rules up above

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