Get One Million Visitors For Free

Want over one million visitors to come to your website FOR FREE? This is a PRELAUNCH ANNOUNCEMENT. Subscribe in the right hand bar so you don't miss it when we roll this tool live. Read the full article for more details.That's right, we're rolling out a new traffic tool that will send a million visitors to your site FOR FREE.

There's no catch, there's no "gatcha". When you sign-up (which is free) you're given a URL to you're very own page on the site - you send out the link to your friends AND DO NOTHING ELSE!!!!

It's just that easy. The system will automatically do the rest.

  • You don't pay anything - there's nothing to buy, there's no credit card / paypal form
  • You don't have to modify your site, there's no html or javascript that goes on your site
  • You don't have to "trade" anything - we're not looking to be a super affiliate, you don't have to give away a slice of your profits
  • You do need to make sure you have enough bandwidth on your server to handle the flood of traffic you'll receive
  • You do need to know that the traffic will increase exponentially every single day
  • You do need to know the system is automated - once your send your first (and only) email the system will do the rest

There's no catch or "it only works if you do XYZ too..." BUT those who sign up first will naturally receive more traffic than those who wait or put it off. You'll completely understand this once you see the tool in action.

I personally want you to max out on as much traffic as you possibly can.

We're working on the Unreal Web Traffic Tool right now and expect it to explode once we release it (within a few weeks). "Subscribe"  to the site using the form on the right so as soon as the tool is active you're notified and get started before everyone else joins up.

I look forward to helping you make your site a success!

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3 Responses to “Get One Million Visitors For Free”

  1. I better not get a bill for this. If it is not free delete my entry!

  2. It’s 100% free – you’ll never be asked for any form of payment EVER!

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    I wish I had found this post earlier in my IM career it would had saved me a lot of headaches. Great post for guiding beginners….