Guess What Happened While I Was Gone For 6 Months…

My list and website continued to grow!!! As matter of fact, my list more than doubled in size!!! The good news is, it will work for you!

As you probably know, I left for Haiti on January 23, 11 days after their horrible earthquake. I was gone for 11 days getting our 3 adopted children, and returned home with them on February 3rd.

It's been a roller-coaster ride for the past 6 months and all along the way I thought for sure my Internet business would be falling apart - BUT IT DIDN'T, INSTEAD IT JUST KEPT RIGHT ON WORKING!

Well, I'd feel guilty if I didn't share with you guys how it's continued to grow, so please, read on...

First, I apologize to everyone for having to "step away" for the past 6 months, I know many of you have been very understanding - thanks for all your words of encouragement and support!

All this time I've been pretty busy with
the family adjustments and those things that come with adopting not 1, but 3 children from another culture that speak a different language.

Well, all this time I was worried that my Internet business would be falling apart, but it never did. It just kept right on going growing.

Before I tell you how it grew, I want you to know up-front. This isn't a bunch of hype or smoke-and-mirrors. Have you ever received an email telling you how this guy grew his business exponentially and then he never tells you the exact tools he used to grow it (unless you pay $247 right now, before the only "99 copies left are sold out")? Yeah, I hate that kind of stuff, don't expect it from me. I'm going to tell you exactly how I did it, and I'm going to make the same tools available to you. You'll be able to duplicate everything I've done.

Through this past 6 months that I "took a break" and my list doubled all on it's own, I didn't "drop out of school" too. I've continued to learn. I'm always educating myself. I believe your business can only grow as large as you think it can. People with big minds have big businesses. How big do you want your business to be? I want mine to be huge - so I know I need to learn a lot! Now that I'm "back in the saddle" I'll be passing along my knowledge to you for free. That's right, everything I've been learning I'll give to you, just for being subscribed to my list.

Just to whet your appetite - I'm finishing up on some awesome research in how to write sales-copy. I've always said I'm horrible at sales copy and always had someone else write it for me. Well - no longer! I look back at the stuff I had people write for me and now that I've learned these sales-copy-secrets I can't believe I actually paid for that stuff! I'll never pay for sales copy again! Today I can ask you 5 simple questions and have you answer each one with a small, short sentence. From those 5 sentences you'll have your entire sales copy blueprint, all your sales copy pages will follow the pattern of those 5 answers.

So keep an eye out for it - I'll be sending that along shortly. Oh, and I'll start introducing you to some of my friends, and with each introduction you can expect that they'll give you something for free. There's enough stuff out there for you to pay money for, I'd rather help build your business without putting you in debt.

OK, now back to the "real" purpose of this letter. So I left my list alone, left the site alone, for 6 months and it still grew. It more than doubled. How did it do it? There are a couple keys, and that's what the rest of this will be about.

1. Automation

Everything works all on it's own without me having to do anything. I mean I don't have to do not one little thing. I designed this site and it's tools to work without me needing to intervene, or take any action, for something to get completed.

Think about your website, your list, your tools. Do you have to do anything for people to use them, to join your site, your list? If you have to do anything, no matter how small it is, even if it's click a link in an email to finish "activating" some new user, then you're doing way too much. Your online business won't be an asset (Rich Dad, Poor Dad, an asset is something that pays you without you having to do anything to get paid), instead it will be a J-O-B. "Job" is another word for "work". I'd rather "work at" my business than to "work for" my business. I'd rather "work with people" than to "work for people". I'd rather "work with money" than to "work for money".

OK, enough "work" phrases, you get the point. Setup your entire operation so that if you died it would keep right on going without anything stopping or breaking.

I'm a systems analyst, I program and run servers. Every tool and website I've created, I've done it with the intent of having it work completely on it's own.

2. It Helps Others For Free

Almost everyone reading this post came in contact with my website because you used a tool of mine that helped you, and it didn't cost you a dime!

In a world full of "Pay me", "Free" sells pretty good. If you want people to trust you and want to connect with you, give them things that help them down the road, all for free.

I know a lot of marketers that give you free stuff, but in the end you "pay" for it because they advertise you to death. Think back, since you've come to know me, use my site and tools, how many of my ads have you seen? NONE! Why? Because I haven't advertised anything at all.

The only thing that would come remotely close is the Million Visitors tool (check out the link at the top of the page if you haven't used it to blast traffic through your site). My link has had some hits to it, but in comparison to all the traffic that came after the tool started up, my site's traffic was just a drop in the bucket. Everyone else that used the tool got the advantage of all the traffic (and I'm glad!).

3. Viral

This one goes without saying. Viral is the best way to market. That's when you have other people "advertising" for you. The best way to have something go viral is to have something that they can use that also invites others to use it. It's all about people helping people. The more your site lines up with helping others who then can help even more, it will only grow your site.

Notice how these three things work with the Million Visitors tool:

  1. It's completely automated. New people come every day, they visit the links, they put in their own info, they go email their own special link, the traffic floods in, and I don't have to do a thing. I don't approve accounts, I don't verify links, nothing. It works all on it's own.
  2. It helps others get traffic and it's completely free. Anyone else out there sending you completely free traffic? No? I didn't think so. I'm paying every month for the website and all it's traffic that's helping everyone else get free traffic, and I don't get paid a dime for it. I'm glad it's helped so many!
  3. It's 100% viral. At it's heart people have to send their link to their contact list so they can get the traffic to their site. That just invites more and more people to come use it.

In closing, I want to leave you with three very important pieces of information, you'll want to read each of these because I'm going to help you grow your online business even more:

  1. The copy on the Million Visitors tool is headed for the chopping block. With what I've learned about how to write copy, I'm going to be re-writing that entire page, using the awesome methods I've learned by studying copy. I'll invite you back to check it out when it's done - you'll be able to see a great "before" and "after" for how to write copy!
  2. I'm going to add one more viral tool to the Million Visitors tool. Once people visit the sites and get their own special link, I'll send them to a tool that downloads address books from 100+ different social and email services (all the big ones are there like yahoo, hotmail, gmail, facebook, myspace, etc) and sends out the new-and-improved copy invite to their contact list. This will make the tool even more viral than before! If you don't feel like you've been as successful as others at getting tons of traffic through the Million Visitors tool, my apologies, that's about to change! I'll give you a link to come back and use this new viral inviter tool with your own link once it's ready.
  3. Last but certainly not least, I'm going to create a video course explaining how these viral tools work to grow your list and let you put them on your own website. Yep, that's right, the very tools that are making my list more than double, even though I've "fallen off of the face of the earth", you'll get to use them on your own site. Interested? Make sure you drop me a line - it's going to be first-come, first-serve, and those that will be involved in the initial roll-out are going to have more special attention from me than those that show up late!

Here's to your success!

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