More Social Networking Integration Coming

I've been sitting on this all weekend. Well, since before Christmas actually...

I just found a new, cool plugin that integrates your site with Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, etc. No big deal, right? We've already got that, right?

Well we've only got a fraction of what this new tool does...

So I can see all of you sitting on the edge of your seats.

Right now our plugins only post what we do on our sites to the social networks.

What about what all of our friends do on our sites?

So, here's  a scenario: You write up a new article on finding the miracle cure for baldness. It gets posted out to all your social sites. Your friends read it and go nuts (especially the bald ones). But what they post on your site goes nowhere.

What if all of their comments and feedback also went back to *their* facebook, twitter, etc?

Like when a friend of yours posts something on facebook, all his friends see it. When you comment, all your friends see that you made a comment and they go read the original post. You just "unwittingly" advertised traffic to your friends original post.

That's what makes the social networks so powerful - it's the power of friendship reaching out farther than any one of us can reach by ourselves. (I have an ebook on the power of friendship coming out soon, drop me a line if you want a sneak peek on the idea).

Imagine now if we use that same principle in reverse. You make a post on your own site and push it to the social networks, and every friend of yours that now comments on your site - their comment is also posted back to their own profile on all their social networks. And all their friends on all the networks see the comment and now come read your post.

This is going to be a phenomenal tool.

So, how to get it, right?

Well, right now I'm doing some testing with it. I've had to do a little tweaking to make it work "right". I'm also looking for the tool writers to come up with a little fix to a glitch I've found.

Trust me, all those who are running their social sites through my services will be getting this plugin installed by me personally as soon as the thing "cuts the mustard" with me.

You know me, as much as I want you to succeed, and we all know that means having the latest toys, we also know that means having a site that is glitch-free. I'd hate to install a new tool and take down your entire operation.

Just wanting to whet your appetite. It's going to be big.

P.S. If you're reading this post and don't have a site that is connected w/ the social networks but now realize you need to (or better, are asking yourself "can this be the reason I haven't had that big marketing breakthrough I've been dying for?"), don't hesitate - click the contact link and drop me a line. Let's start your success today!

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4 Responses to “More Social Networking Integration Coming”

  1. I’m interested in this tool. How does it work and when does it come out?

  2. Hey Erwin,

    When someone comes to your site they are given the option to login using any one of their own social media sites (facebook, twitter, myspace, etc). When they then comment on your site it’s broadcast out through whatever social tool they used to login.

    Technically it’s “out”, but it’s just a little too buggy for me to put on a production site – I have way too much traffic to have something that doesn’t work 100%.

    If I’m hosting your site I’ll install it as soon as these small issues are fixed.

    BTW, I like your facebook info integration on – cool stuff!

  3. yeah it is. Actually and am planning on working an app that drives more people to the fan page that sl signature has. I hope to build up 1 million fans using php and the number of fans currently in the fan page. I’m curious to know more about your script. I also very interested in emarketing so anything I can get my hands on is great. Do you recommend any books?

  4. All of the resources I could recommend are very very expensive – I know because I’ve paid for them.

    So I’m developing some free ebooks right now, you’re more than welcome to download them when they are done. The first one I’m working on is “The Marketer’s Mindset” – I already know how to get leads that want what you have to give them instead of chasing down leads that don’t really want what you are offering. I’ll teach how that’s done in this first free ebook.

    Additionally I’m getting ready to run a “How to use social networking and SEO to get traffic” hands-on course. Haven’t settled on a name for it yet.

    Basically you get a fully functional site, all the tools, completely integrated w/ facebook and twitter (and myspace if you want to use that too – only by request). And I teach you how to grow your social presence, grow your list, put content on the site that attracts traffic, etc. I teach from the most basic points to the most advanced. And of course 100% support and all the questions you want to ask.

    And you get it all for the cost of having the site setup and the monthly hosting – the training and integration is “added on top”.

    Using just some of these methods I’ve taken an MLM friend of mine to the #2 position in his company. He won’t do everything I tell him, he could be a lot higher. He barely uses his site and he’s still pretty successful using what I’ve taught him.

    I’m looking for 10 students for the next session, the session should go for a couple months. After that they continue to have access to ongoing training for the same price.

    My marketing friend says I should charge $1500 for the site setup and $100 monthly for the hosting and training. It’s worth it but I think that puts it too far out of reach for the average person – and I’d rather see more successful people in marketing.

    I’m thinking $400 – $500 for the site setup and $50/mo for the hosting and training access.