Revolutionize Your Traffic With This Amazing Tool

This tool is going to turn marketing on it's head. How would you like to get all your friends on all the social networks to advertise for you? Stupid question, right? But it's true.

That's right - your friends will advertise for you. This tool will make your website a social networking magnet.

And you can see the tool in action on this page!

(Login to facebook on using the button to the right then scroll down to the bottom and make a comment to see this tool in action).

Everyone knows the basic idea - when you make a new post on your site, you send it out to your twitter, facebook, myspace, etc. That's expected. We have tools that completely automate that. This new tool now makes that practice look out of date.

That's great that you keep your friends and followers up-to-date with your new content - that drives a lot of traffic to your site and you definitely need to keep doing that.

This new tool takes it to the next level.

OK, "What is the new tool?" I can hear you shouting it at me...

It's called "Gigya".

Here's what makes it different and so powerful. You already build your site around interaction - you're asking people for their feedback and comments, and you reply to their questions to continue to build more and more traffic coming to your site. This tool allows people to login to your site with their social networking account (i.e. facebook, twitter, etc). After they've logged in, when they comment, their comment is posted back to their social network account, the one they used to sign in with. So if they login to your site using facebook to leave a comment, that comment gets posted back to their facebook account - and all their friends see it and visit your site, starting the cycle all over again!

Remember the ebook on The Power of Friends In Marketing: How a Simple Principle Will Change Marketing Forever? (download your free copy here: - while you're there you can also go ahead and use the free tool to start millions of visitors visiting your site).

Well, this Gigya tool operates off of the same principles discussed in that free ebook - it gets your friends to do advertising for you, and they don't feel bad after their done!

Test out the tool for yourself right on this page - login by clicking "facebook" up at the top right of this page then leave a comment (or ask a real question even!) at the bottom of this page.

Ready to blow your traffic through the roof? Want this tool on your site? Use the Contact form to drop me a line and let's get it started!

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3 Responses to “Revolutionize Your Traffic With This Amazing Tool”

  1. This is a test post after I logged in using the facebook link!

  2. One last post and I’m going to bed!

  3. people helping people , that’s what true network marketing is all about . i love it !! i’m still new @ this stuff but i got it the first time on this one. facebooking w/ an added purpose ,whooda thunk it ! oh yeah , bro. richard . awesome !